Litter and illegal dumping are the issues most councils within Western Sydney region find challenging. The regional litter and illegal dumping baseline project developed a regional litter and illegal dumping data baseline by collating all litter and illegal dumping data from the councils. Determining baselines for illegal dumping and littering across the region is critical to measuring regional and state waste targets.

In baseline year (2014/15), total of 27,701 illegal dumping incidents were recorded across the region and cost councils $11,167,907. This cost to residents results in every household in the region contributing $21.02 on illegal dumping management.

In the region, six councils had a formal LGA-wide strategy/policy to specifically address littering. Seven councils used NSW EPA funding to undertake projects related to community education and deterrence for littering. The total cost of managing litter across the region was $14,356,630 in 2014/15.

Waste Education Working Group