The WSROC Board is made up of two voting directors from each of our member councils. The Board sets WSROC’s advocacy agenda and is the key decision making body with regards to regional programs and initiatives.


At the annual general meeting, WSROC’s directors collectively elect the organisation's executive committee for the coming year.


WSROC Executive

President: Cr Barry Calvert

Senior Vice President: Cr George Campbell

Junior Vice President: Cr Don McGregor

Treasurer: Cr Karress Rhodes



 Cllr Barry Calvert Hawkesbury low res

Mayor Barry Calvert


Hawkesbury City



Cr George Campbell

Senior Vice President

Cumberland Council

Cllr Don McGregor BluMtns low res


Cr Don McGregor

Junior Vice President

Blue Mountains City





 Cllr Karress Rhodes Liverpool



Cr Karress Rhodes


Liverpool City

 Cr Quilkey Blacktown web

Cr Chris Quilkey

Blacktown City



WSROC President Cllr Stephen Bali web



Mayor Stephen Bali

Blacktown City


Snr VP Cllr Mick Fell BluMtns low res


Cr Mick Fell

Blue Mountains City



 Cr Paul Garrard, Cumberland (web tile)

Cr Paul Garrard

Cumberland Council


Cllr Adrian Wong Fairfield low res



Cr Adrian Wong

Fairfield City




Junior Vice President Cllr Frank Carbone Fairfield



Mayor Frank Carbone

Fairfield City


Cllr Nathan Zamprogno Hawkesbury low res


Cr Nathan Zamprogno

Hawkesbury City

   Cr Ray Thompson (web tile)

Cr Ray Thompson

Lithgow City



Cr Gus Balloot web tile



Cr Gus Balloot

Liverpool City



Lord Mayor Andrew Wilson

City of Parramatta


Michelle Garrard


Cr Michelle Garrard

Deputy Lord Mayor

City of Parramatta